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Foil Drive Gen2 Install | Full Unboxing & AssemblyUpdated 9 days ago

If you have just received your Foil Drive Assist MAX kit and want a run down of how to set it up, watch our full unboxing & assembly video!

0:00 Intro 

0:36 What's in the MAX kit?

3:04 Tee Nuts, Foam Tracks & Mounting the Box

6:31 Optimising Carbon Board Connection with Foam Blocks

7:30 Mounting the Mast to the Unit

9:24 Mounting the Pod & Motor

15:26 Cable Guides & Tape

17:10 Battery, Nose Cone, Test Controller

19:18 Outro

To learn how to set up and use the Foil Drive app in configuration with your Gen2, click here.

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