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Assemble and Install

Assembly and installation of your Foil Drive.

Full Install for Assist & Assist PLUS | Gen1

Detailed information on how to install your Foil Drive Assist or Assist PLUS unit. Check out the full installation video on YouTube!. THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MOUNTING YOUR ELECTRONICS BOX. 1. Location on the board. 2. Wireless signal retention, keepi

Foil Drive Gen2 Install | Full Unboxing & Assembly

If you have just received your Foil Drive Assist MAX kit and want a run down of how to set it up, watch our full unboxing & assembly video!. 0:00 Intro. 0:36 What's in the MAX kit?. 3:04 Tee Nuts, Foam Tracks & Mounting the Box. 6:31 Optimising Carbo