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Controller FeaturesUpdated 6 months ago


1. Power Button                                                                                                              

2. Throttle Trigger 

3. Cruise Control - Advanced Riders Only 


The Assist PLUS features telemetry data that is available on the controller screen. Once you turn on the controller, the screen will automatically show throttle percentage. Use short single presses on the power button to scroll through: 1. Throttle Percentage 2. RPM of motor 3. Assist Plus Battery Voltage 4. Temperature 5. Assist Plus Battery Percentage Remaining



1. Turn the controller on

2. Press and hold cruise control trigger (3), then single press the power button (1).

3. Once in the menu, you can let go of the throttle trigger (3).

4. Scroll the small arrow on the left side through the menu options using short presses of the power button (1) and long press the power button (1) to select. 


1. Pair 

Option 1 allows you to pair your controller to your motor. Click here to learn how to re-pair your controller

2. Throttle Limit (Default: Max. 100%, Range 20-100%). 

Limit your maximum throttle percentage. This is useful for learners or smaller riders who may not need the full power of the system. This limit overrides the default setting for 'cruise control pre-set' (Menu Option 4). Click here to learn how to set up a throttle limit.

3. Cruise ON/OFF (Default: Off) Advanced Riders Only. 

4. Cruise Pre-set (Default: 35%) 

For advanced riders ONLY. Click here to learn how to pre-set cruise control limits.

5. Battery Serial Number (For manufacturing purposes only - Should always read 08) 

6. Motor Poles (For manufacturing purposes only - Should always read 07) 

7. VESC Communication (For manufacturing purposes only - Should be set to: ON) 

8. Speed Source (For manufacturing purposes only - Should be set to: VESC)

9. Calibration (Triggers)

Option 9 allows you to calibrate your triggers. Click here to learn how to re-calibrate your triggers.

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