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Safety & Technical Information

Safety & Warranty guidelines for Foil Drive™ units


User Warnings

In order to operate the product correctly and minimise the chances of damage, serious injury or death, it is essential to read and follow all instructions and warnings published by Foil Drive in the User Manual provided and in these online articles a

Foil Drive Lithium-Ion Batteries Explained

Foil Drive Lithium-Ion Batteries Explained. This article features information about these batteries and how you can respect them for prolonged efficiency and performance, and what to do if your battery gets wet. The 2170 series battery cells we use i

Airline Travel with Foil Drive batteries

Airline Travel with Foil Drive Batteries. Aside from weight reduction, the small battery was created for the Assist PLUS to allow for airline travel. Due to its smaller size, most airlines allow an individual to fly with multiple small batteries. You

Surf Etiquette with Foil Drive™.

SURF ETTIQUETTE. Surf etiquette has been respected and acknowledged for many years and is incredibly important. As hydro-foiling continues to grow across the world, this etiquette is evolving to include guidelines for both traditional hydrofoils and

Safety Checks Before Entering the Water

Here are some important SAFETY NOTES to keep in mind when installing and heading into the water with your Foil Drive. Setup and turn on your unit away from the water. Dry your hands, hair and wetsuit to avoid dripping water. It is important that the

Body Mounting "Back-Pack" - Foil Drive™ Official Statement

Official statement from Foil Drive™ with regards to back-pack mounting or wearing Foil Drive™ units.