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Safety & Technical Information

Safety & Warranty guidelines for Foil Drive™ units

User Warnings

In order to operate the product correctly and minimise the chances of damage, serious injury or death, it is essential to read and follow all instructions and warnings published by Foil Drive in the User Manual provided and in these online articles a

Surf Etiquette with Foil Drive™.

Whilst Foil Drive™ might eliminate the difficulty of getting on foil, it certainly does not eliminate your obligation to follow surf etiquette. If anything, you will need to practice this more so than before. Remember technology advancements are not

Safety Checks Before Entering the Water

Here are some important SAFETY NOTES to keep in mind when installing and heading into the water with your Foil Drive. Setup and turn on your unit away from the water. Dry your hands, hair and wetsuit to avoid dripping water. It is important that the

Body Mounting "Back-Pack" - Foil Drive™ Official Statement

Official statement from Foil Drive™ with regards to back-pack mounting or wearing Foil Drive™ units.

Foil Drive Propeller Guard - Proposed

Have Your Say - Foil Drive Propeller Guard. Given ongoing discussion online, we would like to gather interest on a potential new accessory "Foil Drive Propeller Guard". We understand some people have been tinkering with designs where a guard is mount