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Safety Checks Before Entering the WaterUpdated a year ago

Here are some important SAFETY NOTES to keep in mind when installing and heading into the water with your Foil Drive.

Setup and turn on your unit away from the water. Dry your hands, hair and wetsuit to avoid dripping water. It is important that the internals of the electronics box remain dry. 

1. Check there is no damage to any parts of the system, in particular motor, propellers, cable, waterproof seals and controller. 

2. If the controller is on, it must read 0% OR turn it off (Fail Safe Mode) before connection. 

3. Insert the battery with the Foil Drive logo facing up, ensuring it’s flat on the bottom. 

4. Plug in the battery, ensuring the plug lays flat between the battery monitor and battery. (Watch this video on how to install and secure your battery correctly inside your box  ) 

5. Check the battery is fully charged using the battery monitor inside the box. 

6. Ensure the box seal is clean, dry and free from obstructions before closing, latch shut and check the cable gland is tight. 

7. Clear of obstruction, slowly pull the throttle trigger to test connection to the motor.

8. TURN THE CONTROLLER OFF BEFORE HANDLING THE BOARD. Never pick up or manoeuvre your board out of the water with the controller turned on or operate when detached from the mast and board. DO NOT touch to motor or propellers while the battery is plugged in - propellers can cause serious injury. 

Here is a video of Paul running through a quick install down at the beach. 

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