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User WarningsUpdated 8 days ago

In order to operate the product correctly and minimise the chances of damage, serious injury or death, it is essential to read and follow all instructions and warnings published by Foil Drive in the User Manual provided and in these online articles and videos prior to assembly, setup and use. 

By using the Foil Drive™ system you agree that you do so at your own risk.

This Foil Drive system is not a toy and should be used with caution. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the contents of this manual and proper operation before use. Respect the power of lithium batteries and rotating motors/propellers and please contact us at any point if you have further questions.


Spinning objects are dangerous. The risks of fast spinning propellers have been reduced as much as possible, however, are still present. The motor system has safety features built in such as over current protection, no signal, fail to off, and excessive torque limits.

- Never operate the throttle while the motor/propeller is obstructed

- Never hold the motor, including for testing purposes

- Only operate the system when securely mounted to a mast that is fixed to a board

- Never touch the motor/propeller when the system is energised (with battery plugged in)

- Never foil close to other people or animals

- Do not place hands or feet directly under the board where motor contact could occur

- Remain aware of the unit when climbing on the board

- Turning the controller off will place the unit into Fail Safe Mode where the throttle will no longer activate the motor. Consider using this feature when climbing onto the board to reduce risk of the throttle being bumped accidentally.

The propellers have been tested and designed for durability and are strong enough to resist natural flexing. The propellers are sharp and may cause bodily harm if contacted during operation.


Our battery chargers are NOT cross compatible - please ensure you have the correct charger for your battery. The 40v chargers will charge the MAX Power, MAX Sport, and Slim Performance. The 28v charger will charge the Assist PLUS batteries and Slim Endurance. The 22v charger will charge the 12ah Assist battery.

Lithium-ion batteries provide the highest power to weight density of all rechargeable batteries currently available. Additionally, we have added a Battery Management System (BMS) that automatically checks and manages each cell to ensure added safety and automation of the charging phase.

Lithium batteries are most at risk of damage to the cells when being charged.

- Avoid moisture contact with the battery. Pay special care when handling around water and ensure you have clean, dry hands. 

- Do not store or carry the battery with wet towels, wet suits or damp gear.

- Always allow the battery to cool down to room temperature before recharging.

- Do not recharge the battery in hot environments or in direct sunlight (Such as in the car).

- Always charge in a cool, dry, open place free from moisture and flammable materials.

- Isolate the battery from flammable items using the provided lithium battery charging bag.

- When charging, DO NOT leave the battery unattended.

- Disconnect the charger plug when the battery is full.

- Do not leave the battery in any hot environment or exposed sunlight as they are susceptible to heat damage/overheating. For example, leaving a battery in the car in direct sunlight could heat the battery up causing the cells to fail, vent or even catch fire. The most likely outcome of battery overheating is that the cells lose performance and capacity, effecting the longevity of the battery. 

Lithium batteries DO NOT like to be left fully charged over long periods. Charging the battery to full and leaving it for extended periods of time (weeks or longer) will reduce the life span and performance, a result of battery chemistry not product quality. We recommend charging the battery on the same day, or the night before you intended to use it to achieve best results. Ideally, batteries should be stored between 40-60% charge.

Cheap 110v-240v inverters and generators that DO NOT have a pure sinewave output can damage the charging equipment. Much like a laptop or TV, these chargers need a quality power source to function at peak performance and avoid damage. It is for this reason that we DO NOT recommend using anything other than a pure sinewave inverter 110v-240v or conventional main power protected by an RCD.


Due to the size (capacity) of the Foil Drive batteries, they cannot be air freighted or taken on commercial airliners as regular luggage or freight in most countries. 

Rated power levels:

MAX Power is 498.96wh.

MAX Sport is 332.64wh.

Slim Performance is 166.32wh.

Slim Endurance is 241.92wh.

Assist PLUS Standard is 362.8wh.

Assist PLUS Small is 120.96wh.

Please check with your local authorities or airline/shipping company as to the best way to transport the battery if you plan to travel with your system.

The Foil Drive Assist PLUS Small Battery has been designed as an airline friendly battery. Please call your local airline ahead of time as some countries have specific requirements has to how it needs to be carried.

To learn more, check out the other articles on our Help Centre which can be found under the 'Support' tab on the website.


As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


Happy Foil Driving!

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