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Battery & Charger Install

Installing and charging Foil Drive batteries.

Installing Batteries into the Box | Gen1

The most important points are:. - Ensure the battery is completely flat. - Ensure the plugs are not sitting on top of the battery monitor when closing the lid. - Ensure the antenna is not sitting on the seal when closing the box. - The seal surface i

Charging the Foil Drive Batteries

Foil Drive has 3 different battery voltages depending on the model of Foil Drive and battery you own. Please make sure you have the correct charger for your battery. The voltage of the charger should match the voltage of your battery. HOW TO CHARGE T

Charging in Car or from 12v Power Sources

If you want to charge your FD battery from a car or mobile platform, here are some things to consider. If you're charging from a normal Lead Acid or AGM car battery, a single Standard Assist PLUS 12.6 Ah battery can drain a car battery by at least 50