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Charging in Car or from 12v Power SourcesUpdated 11 days ago

If you want to charge your FD battery from a car or mobile platform, here are some things to consider.

If you're charging from a normal Lead Acid or AGM car battery, a single Standard Assist PLUS 12.6 Ah battery can drain a car battery by at least 50% in just one charge - so you don't want to make your car go flat. It's best to have a 2nd battery installed in your car to avoid this.  If you're looking for a 2nd battery, a deep discharge battery is preferred over a normal car battery as they are designed for cold cranking amps as opposed to sustained amp draw.  

You cannot charge a battery from your normal 12V car cigarette lighter. Most cars 12V  cigarette lighter plugs can't handle more than 100 watts sustained and your FD+ charger will draw about 160 watts sustained. 

If you're purchasing a 100 - 240 V inverter so that you can charge your battery from a 12 - 24 V source make sure it's a good quality “ pure sine wave “ inverter of at least 300 watts. 

Really cheap, clipped sine wave inverters are not recommended as they have very poor power delivery and can damage electronics.  

Recommended products:

This one would charge 2 x max power 

This one will do 4 x max powers

Remember cars can get VERY hot inside when closed up and we do not recommend charging batteries inside a closed up vehicle as the charger or battery could get too hot.  Always make sure the chargers have ventilation when being used. 

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