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Installing Batteries into the Box | Gen1Updated 11 days ago

Installing the battery and closing the lid is very simple, however, there are some super important things to watch out for to ensure your box remains completely watertight.

 The most important points are: 

- Ensure the battery is completely flat 

- Ensure the plugs are not sitting on top of the battery monitor when closing the lid 

- Ensure the antenna is not sitting on the seal when closing the box 

- The seal surface is clean and free of defects 

- No excessive force is required to close the lid. 

Checkout the full visual inspection video below:

And the practical freshwater dunk test video to ensure your box is completely waterproof. 

The Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS is able to use two small batteries at one time, perfect for airline travelling overseas! 

The small batteries must be connected and placed in a particular order for the lid to close and seal correctly. The V2 batteries must be placed slightly different to the V1 batteries and have a longer Y-Lead cable.

For information on travelling with your Small Batteries, see our Airline Travel article here.


1. First battery goes in face down (Cable at the rear of the box, furthest end to the display), and connects to longer lead.

2. Cable and plug pushes into the gap at the end of the box, push down to seat it securely. 

3. Second battery installed face up (Cable closest to the display), on top. Ensure excess cabling is secure at the rear corner of the box.

4. Connect second battery to the shorter plug.

5. Ensure cables are seated flat and excess lead it tucked behind battery. 

6. Close lid and secure latches. 

Note: There should be no excessive force or pushing required when closing the lid.  

7. Ensure plugs sitting on top of the battery, and excess cable seated to the rear. 

Warning: The lid should be completely flat. If the lid is not flat, the seal is compromised, and water will enter the box.

8. Give the electronics box a light shake to ensure the batteries are secured nice and tight.

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