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Fitting the Paddle MountUpdated 9 months ago

For use with a paddle, we’ve included a controller mount. 

The mount is designed to fit a paddle diameter of 29-30mm, if you require more padding use the included shim first, then add thin foam or tape if required. You will also need to decide if you require the wedge to be natural or goofy, adjust as required.

1. Ensure the paddle shaft is clean of sand or dirt.

2. Use a strip of electrical tape on the paddle as a protective layer and to provide a soft surface for the mount to bite onto, adding friction to prevent controller rotation.

2. Remove the 2 bolts from the throttle controller mount.

3. Slowly slide the controller over the paddle shaft. There is a small amount of flex however can be damaged if over flexed or excessive force is used.

4. Choose your desired position and re-install the bolts, leaving it looser for the first few sessions for fine tuning. DO NOT over tighten bolts to avoid damaging threads or the controller housing.

5. Use the supplied soft rubber lanyard for extra security through the base of the controller and around your paddle.

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