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Fitting Alloy Propellers and Hub - Foil DriveUpdated 2 months ago

Fitting Alloy Propellers and Hub - Foil Drive

Whether you’ve purchased propellers, a hub, or both, you’ll need to follow the below instructions for installation. 

This article has two sections:

1. Fitting Aluminium Propellers, and 
2. Fitting the Propeller Hub specific to your Foil Drive Assist PLUS
3. Fitting the Three Blade Propellers and Hub

Note: We highly recommend taking your propellers and hub off of the motor and applying new grease from time to time. We suggest TefGel or a Marine Grease.

Fitting the Propeller Hub

Apply TefGel or a Marine Grade Grease to the exposed metal on the bottom of your motor and the hub bolts. Your hub bolts must be tight, but do not need to be overtightened.

Fitting the Three Blade Propellers and Hub
It's is important to note that the Three Blade Propeller Hub only utilises 3 of the 4 screw holes o connect to the motor. This is not a flaw but is part of the design to allow for optimal positioning of the propellers.

When it comes to attaching the propellers, you have to options of bolts. The lower profile Button Top Bolts become fully enclosed inside the hub improving hydrodynamics. As they are not in the flow of water, they do not cause formation of small bubbles that then enter the prop. The smaller Button Top Bolts require a 2mm Allen Key and cannot be used with your existing 2.5mm Driver that comes standard with all Foil Drive kits.

Three Blade Hubs must be used with three propellers, failure to do so risks damage to your gear. Never touch the propellers or motor while the battery is plugged in.

Fitting Aluminium Propellers
The propellers must be installed in the correct orientation, when done correctly the bolt holes will all line up.

When tightening your bolts, you should turn to the point where they are finger tight. Overtightening your bolts may cause damage to your hub as they do need to be able to fold in and out freely.

To test this, tighten your propellers then hold your motor with the props facing the sky, slowly loosen off the bolts until the propellers can flop into their open position without any force.

Some hubs may need to have a small amount of the side wall sanded down to allow the props to have a loose free fitment.

Note: For Older Style Plastic Propellers, see here.  

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