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Full Install Video

Checkout the full installation video on youtube.

Mounting the Motor Pod to Your Mast - Foil Drive

The Foil Drive Motor Pods are designed specifically for each exact mast. Even two masts from the same brand are often completely different size and shape. Also tapered masts often require a pod for low mounting positions and one for high mounted posi

Charging the Controller

CHARGING THE WIRELESS CONTROLLER. Plug in the supplied cable to the charge pad and place the controller on top with the circles (Labelled 4) face down. The ring around the pad will illuminate blue and the screen will turn on displaying charging infor

Securing the Cable

INSTALLING THE MOTOR CABLE. 1. Clean and dry the underside of your board before application of the double-sided tape on the board cable guides (body oils, wax, sunscreen and other residue will effect the adhesion of the tape). We highly recommend usi

Fitting the Paddle Mount

For use with a paddle, we’ve included a controller mount. The mount is designed to fit a paddle diameter of 29-30mm, if you require more padding use the included shim first, then add thin foam or tape if required. You will also need to decide if you

Installing the Battery into the Box

TIPS ON INSTALLING YOUR BATTERY INTO THE BOX. Installing the battery and closing the lid is very simple however there are some super important things to watch out for to ensure your box remains completely watertight. The most important points are:. -

Installing Small Batteries to your Foil Drive Assist PLUS

FITTING V2 ASSIST PLUS SMALL BATTERIES INTO YOUR FOIL DRIVE ASSIST PLUS. The Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS is able to use two small batteries at one time, perfect for airline travelling overseas!. The small batteries must be connected and placed in a parti

Charging the Foil Drive Batteries

CHARGING THE BATTERY. 1. Plug the charger into a 100-240v outlet and turn on the power. International users will need to purchase a basic AU or US adapter. Note: A small audible pop may occur, this is the battery and the power supply equalizing. 2. P

Charging in Car or from 12v Power Sources

If you want to charge your FD battery from a car or mobile platform, things to consider. If you're charging from a normal Lead Acid or AGM car battery, a single Standard Assist PLUS  12.6 Ah battery can drain a car battery by at least 50% in just one

Alternate Methods of Mounting your Foil Drive Electronics Box

THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN MOUNTING YOUR ELECTRONICS BOX. 1. Location on the board. 2. Wireless signal retention, keeping the box above the water line. 3. Method of mounting the box to the surface. The location of the box should be as flat as possible a

Fitting Alloy Propellers and Hub - Foil Drive

Fitting Alloy Propellers and Hub - Foil Drive. Whether you’ve purchased propellers, a hub, or both, you’ll need to follow the below instructions for installation. This article has two sections:. 1. Fitting Aluminium Propellers, and 2. Fitting the Pro

Fitting Plastic Propellers and Hub - Foil Drive

Weather you’ve purchased propellers, a hub, or both, you’ll need to follow the below instructions for installation. This article has two sections, "Fitting Plastic Propellers" and "Fitting the Propeller Hub".Note: We highly recommend taking your prop