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Foil Drive App Overview, Functions and Getting Started

This article contains information on how to download, set-up and use the new Foil Drive App, designed to be used with Gen II systems. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started and information about the different modes within the app and how

App Connection Issues

App Connection Issues. This article is for anyone experiencing difficulty connecting their Gen2 system to the App. The app is intuitive, and most issues are prompted by an error or suggestion during the pairing or programming process. Note: The app i

Power Modes

Power Modes. This article will outline the different Power Modes and how to use them. Once you have connected the App to your system, you will be prompted to choose a Power Mode. Continue reading to learn more about each mode. The Power Mode page on

Boost Mode

Boost Mode. This article will explain what Boost Mode is, how to adjust it and how to use it. Boost Mode is a function that you will have access to adjusting within the Foil Drive App. Boost Mode can be adjusted from 1%, up to 20% depending on which


Latency. This article will discuss what latency is, how to adjust it and how to use it. Latency is an advanced setting which you can adjust in your Foil Drive App for Gen2 Foil Drive systems. What is latency?. Latency is the time it takes for your mo