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Foil Drive Battery Monitor Display FeaturesUpdated 25 days ago

The battery monitor inside of your Foil Drive Electronics Box has the ability to display battery percentage, and voltage, from factory, these are set to only display battery percentage.

A small button is located on the back of the display screen that can get bumped to only display voltage. If you need to reprogram your screen, follow the below instructions:
1. Plug in your battery 
2. Remove the screw from the cover
3. Slide the cover off being careful not to pull the screen cable out
4. On the underside you will see the bottom of the screen, there are 2 buttons coated in silicon. The button closest to the edge of the cover is the top button (See circled in orange).

5. You will need to follow the below sequence:

Press the bottom button once and it will display F0 and either    v    %    or    v%
V Stands for Voltage - % Stands for Battery Percentage
Continue pressing the bottom button until it shows the combination you require.
To view battery percentage only: F0 %
To view voltage only: F0 v
To view battery percentage and voltage: F0 %v

To confirm your selection, press the power button on the front of the screen.
You can then use that power button on the front of the screen to toggle between battery and percentage if you have selected both.
6. Re install the cover making sure you thread the antenna back through the hole in the top corner and place the screw back in.

For detailed instructions, watch here:

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