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Foil Drive™ and E-FoilingUpdated 5 months ago

E-Foiling the Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS

The Foil Drive Assist PLUS system is primarily designed to assist riders to get on foil but can be used as a small e-foil under certain constraints. 

The only real constraint is not using the system at high throttle continuously and on extremely hot days.  The reason for this is temperature control and allowing the motor speed controller to cool down.  

If the rider doesn't come off foil much and the box doesn't get a chance to come into contact with water, it is possible it won't get enough cooling to sustain full power at all times.

If the system is unable to cool down, it may go into a thermal protection mode which reduces power and/or stops the motor. 

When the user stops foiling and the box can get back into the water, the black heatsink fins that protrude out the bottom of the box have a chance to dump its heat energy into the surrounding water.  This rapidly cools the speed controller and will eventually allow the system to run again at full throttle. This normally only takes about 30 seconds to a minute for it to restore to a suitable temperature and resume normal use.

 If you think you may have over-heated your system, you can easily check the temperature on your controller. The left-hand figures shown below are the only numbers that you should be concerned with. You want to make sure you keep this temperature below 70 degrees.



The values on the right-hand side that read 99.9 degrees do not change (in future version this will have a use).



An example of how this might happen over time:

A new foiler would often fall off in the beginning allowing the system to cool and come into contact with the water periodically. As the user gets better at foiling and stops falling off as much, the system is running continuously at high power levels and the unit has less contact with the water, getting less chances to cool down. This can cause the system to overheat, causing it to go into thermal shutdown mode. 

If you are e-foiling for long periods of time and are experiencing sudden power loss, you can perform a test to determine if the system is simply trying to go into thermal protection mode.

- Press the power button down 3 times 

- Monitor the temp on screen 3 

- Ride the system and see if the temperature climbs beyond 75 C  

If the temp exceeds 75 degrees, it needs more cooling and a short rest period.

- At 90 degrees, the system will shut down to protect itself. 

 A simple solution is to pause at least 1 to 2 times a session, slow the foil down, allow the box to come into contact with the water to allow the heat sink cool, and then continue on.

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