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Flat Water E-FoilingUpdated 5 months ago


Let's kick this off by saying, the initial intended use for the Foil Drive™ products was as a paddle assistance tool to help you get up on foil. However, as the demand has risen for flat water foiling options, Foil Drive™ continues to innovate new products to meet the demand of our customers. 

NOTE: The original Foil Drive™ Assist should not be used for flat water foiling. There is no external cooling for the electronics and therefore it can overheat. The battery is also smaller and has less cells to share the constant high load of flat-water foiling. If you want to flat water foil using constant high motor power, you must use the Assist PLUS.


Thanks to the added power of the Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS, you no longer need to buy a big, heavy E-Foil for flatwater foiling. The Assist PLUS allows you to e-foil using your existing foiling equipment as long as you have the suitable equipment to do so. 

The Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS is a fantastic tool for teaching yourself or your friends and family to foil for the first time. 

Because the Foil Drive™ can be retro-fitted onto any mast on the market, it can be used on your existing gear (If your mast isn't listed on our products page when purchasing - please e-mail us for a custom order!). 

When buying new gear, being able to e-foil with the Assist PLUS during the testing phase allows you to have a stable, safe environment to dial in on your new setup without the need of wave energy and navigating surf conditions. 

It also means that if you choose to peruse a different riding discipline, your Foil Drive™ can help you on that journey, too. When e-foiling, it's also a great time to learn to pump which is a great way to preserve your battery life during your sessions. 

Foil Drive™ systems are designed to be as small, light and efficient as possible. Therefore, the thrust level and run time is shorter. It is not a big, heavy, powerful, large battery e-foil! 

To learn more about power and thrust limitations, click here. 

Hot weather conditions and constant 100% throttle can cause power loss. To learn more, click here.


- To preserve your battery, use larger foils for high levels of lift so you do not need constant 100% throttle to stay up flying. This increases your run time significantly.

- Board design and size are super important to allow you to accelerate the board across the surface of the water before taking off. The more litreage your board has, the easier it will be to take off. 

- Take off technique is also important. It can be the difference between being able to get up on foil, and not. Click here to learn more about perfecting your take off technique. 

- Even if you are a seasoned foiler, using the Foil Drive™ for e-foiling is a different experience to riding wave energy and may take some time to dial in on your technique. You may need to move your stance forwards slightly and rather than trying to get on foil right away, gradually build speed/power with front foot pressure until it starts to lift. 

To learn more about the Assist PLUS, watch this video below from Wake Thief.

E-Foil or Foil Drive? A side by side comparison by JetSurfing Nation

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