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Configure your Project Cedrus x Foil Drive™ Integrated Mast OrderUpdated 4 months ago

Configure your Project Cedrus X Foil Drive

Before ordering a Project Cedrus Integrated Mast, there are a few things you need to measure, and decide upon, in order to complete your purchase. The most important is your motor height and cable length.

If you are NOT ordering a Project Cedrus Integrated Mast, the instructions are different, CLICK HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: The Maximum Total Cable Length (Cable Length + Motor Height), must not exceed 200cm unless ordering your motor in Efoil position then max 140cm. See below "Cable Length" paragraph.

This article is a guide for selecting:

- Motor Height - Note: This cannot be altered
- Cable Length - Maximum length 200cm unless ordering your motor in Efoil position then max 140cm.

- Foil Adaptor

- Project Cedrus Mast Length

You can also watch this useful video that talks you through the Integrated Mast in detail:

Motor Heigh - Note: Motor Height CANNOT be altered.
There are two common motor positions; Close to the fuselage and up high, close to the board:

Low Motor Positions close to the fuselage, are perfect for flatwater Foildriving, or efoiling, as it allows you to maintain constant power with the motor in the water the whole time.

Your takeoff technique becomes important as your power/drive is coming from down low, so you will need slightly more front foot pressure when taking off. If you chose to mount your motor close the fuselage, you can still take your Foil Drive into the surf, and enjoy powered, or unpowered foiling thanks to the low drag design of the integrated mast.

High Motor Positions range anywhere from the middle of the mast to as close to the board as you can get. These higher positions are perfect for those who use their Foil Drive in the surf, downwinding, pumping or winging, where they only require assisted power to get up on foil, then enjoy a totally drag free ride with the motor out of the water.

The most popular positions for the motor are either up as high as it can go, to then pop the motor out as soon as possible, or around 25cm below the mounting plate, allowing for both low level efoiling and for the motor to exit the water once up on foil.


Cable Length - Max length 200cm unless ordering your motor in Efoil position then max 140cm.
Once you've chosen your motor height, you will need to consider how long you require the cable.

While the total length of the cable runs from the electronics box to the motor, we require you to tell us how long you would like the external cable. This measurement is from the top of the mast to where you want your electronics box placed on your board.

Example: If your motor is in Efoil position, this will use 70cm of cable, leaving you with an external cable length of up to 130cm: 70cm motor height + 130cm external cable length = 200cm total cable.

Our to scale print out template is available below, print it or use the dimensions in order to accurately measure your cable length. You will also need:


- Your intended board. If you have multiple board options, pick the largest.

- A tape measure (Measurement required in cm's)

- A rope or other flexible cord around 2 metres (80 inches) long

1. Use the template to decide where you’d like your box to sit and stick the template in place, ensuring the selected area is flat. Typically, this is just behind the leg rope pin, as close to the rear of the board as possible, or to the front of deck grip on the nose of the board.

2. Use string/rope start your measurement at the BLUE DOT on the template. Follow the contour of your board to the rear, wrap around the tail, then track back along the bottom side of the board to the trailing edge at the base of the mast. Remember to trace the rope as close to the board and mast as possible so the cable sits neatly in the tracks when installed.

3. Mark this length on your string/rope before laying it flat and measuring its length - This is your cable length.

Foil Adaptor
Here at Foil Drive we offer the more popular Project Cedrus adaptors Adapters. You can find order other adaptors direct from Project Cedrus HERE. 

Note: If the adaptor you want is out of stock, or not available, you can select "None" and contact Project Cedrus directly.

Axis, Cabrinha, SAB Kraken, Lift, Takuma and UniFoil are generally in stock ready to order. Adapters for other brands including F-One Slingshot, Naish, MikesLab, and more are available on a made-to-order basis direct from Project Cedrus.

Project Cedrus Mast Length
Handmade in the US, the Project Cedrus Aluminium Mast is available 80cm lengths.

We have chosen to narrow our range of masts to just the 80cm due to the incredibly high demand of this particular size! Feedback from a large collection of customers has shown that the Foil Drive is perfectly paired with the 80cm. 

If you have any further questions regarding your Project Cedrus configuration, please feel free to reach out to us before ordering!

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