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V2 Wireless Controller for Foil Drive - What's New!

V2 wireless throttle controller for Foil Drive™ systems - providing an even stronger signal strength to keep you moving in even the choppiest of conditions!

V2 Latch Protectors for Foil Drive

New and improved V2 Latch Protectors for Foil Drive™ Assist and Assist Plus Systems, you asked, and we listened! V2 latch protectors come with a locking mechanism for fail-safe protection to prevent your latches from open when in use.

V2 Rubber Mast Cable Guides for Foil Drive

New and Improved rubber mast cable guides for Foil Drive™ Assist and Assist PLUS systems to secure your motor cable to your mast to optimise drag-free foiling!

Three Blade Propeller Hub -Foil Drive Performance Upgrade

Three Blade Propeller Performance Upgrade for Foil Drive Assist Plus Systems. Foil Drive is excited to release a new performance upgrade option for the propeller system of Assist PLUS units. It is specifically designed for riders who require more low

Controller Features

WIRELESS CONTROLLER FEATURES. 1. Power Button. 2. Throttle Trigger. 3. Cruise Control - Advanced Riders Only. TELEMETRY DATA. The Assist PLUS features telemetry data that is available on the controller screen. Once you turn on the controller, the scr

Foil Drive Battery Monitor Display Features

The battery monitor inside of your Foil Drive Electronics Box has the ability to display battery percentage, and voltage, from factory, these are set to only display battery percentage.A small button is located on the back of the display screen that

Optimal Throttle Use

To maximise run time, system performance and battery life, you must understand the relationship between power usage and the added surface speed from the motors thrust. The below information is based on Aluminium Props and Standard Battery. THROTTLE P

Setting up Cruise Control

This allows you to pre-set a cruise control percentage prior to starting your session. The rider has the ability to set a percentage between 20% and 100%. Warning: We do not recommend cruise control percentages over 50% for safety reasons. Watch the

Foil Drive™ and E-Foiling

E-Foiling the Foil Drive™ Assist PLUS. The Foil Drive Assist PLUS system is primarily designed to assist riders to get on foil but can be used as a small e-foil under certain constraints. The only real constraint is not using the system at high throt

Universal Motor Pod for Foil Drive

New and improved V2 Motor Pod for Foil DriveAssist and Assist Plus Systems. Foil Drive is excited to release its latest innovation - the v2 Motor Pod! The v2 motor pod has been developed to provide our customers with the most cost-effective way to us