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Configure your Foil Drive

Information about the product variables for a Foil Drive kit to make sure you get all the components and configuration you need!


Choosing the Correct Mast Adaptor for Your Foil Drive™

When ordering your Foil Drive™ system, you will need to select which motor pod is compatible with your mast. This article outlines how to select the correct motor pod.

Measuring your Mast to Order a Custom Foil Drive™ Pod

A how-to guide on how to measure your mast accurately to assist Foil Drive™ in making your custom pod

How to measure the Cable Length before ordering your Foil Drive™

How to measure and determine the best cable length to order for your Foil Drive™ system

Battery Comparison for Foil Drive Gen1 Systems

Battery Comparisons for Foil Drive Systems. All batteries are purpose designed, built, and tested specifically for the Foil Drive system. Every battery is carefully manufactured and extensively tested in house, featuring a built-in Battery Management

Propeller Options for the Foil Drive™

Choosing the best propeller option for your Foil Drive™ system

Configure your Project Cedrus x Foil Drive™ Integrated Mast Order

Follow this guide to configure your Project Cedrus x Foil Drive™ integrated mast order

Choose the Correct Motor Length for your Gen2 Foil Drive

Foil Drive Gen2 Systems require you to select a Motor when ordering. There are 5 different options that this article will outline, each with different pro's and con's depending on how you wish to use your Foil Drive. The beauty of the Gen2 Foil Drive