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Comparing the Foil Drive Battery Options

Gen2 Battery Information and Comparison. This article provides information about the different batteries available for the Gen2 systems as well as comparing them to the original Assist PLUS batteries. Lets compare the Assist MAX Power and MAX Sport b

Comparing Foil Drive Propeller Options - 2 Blade vs 3 Blade

We have a few different Foil Drive Propeller options now. All Gen2 Assist MAX and Assist Slim Systems come standard with the 2 blade aluminium propellers. The Assist PLUS also comes standard with the 2 blade aluminium propeller systems. The 3 blade p

Comparing Motor Systems - Universal & Integrated Masts

We offer two different ways of powering your Foil Drive setup. If you're wanting to read more about Motor Lenghts, see here: Universal Motor Systems. In